Welcome coaches!

You will find Adelaide a very enjoyable place to coach.
Easy Rib Launching, short distance to the racing waters, plenty of open space.

Adelaide Sailing Club does not have spare RIBs to charter. We are working to provide a broker to assist coaches source coach boats: More information fromĀ sailing@adelaidesailingclub.com.au

If you would like to consider a shared boat that would be more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Advice to Coaches

The Organizing Authority (OA) of the event had secured an aquatic licence over the area specified below, issued by the SA Government which:

  1. Allows OA to ask other boats to leave the designated area
  2. Excludes other boats passing through the area
  3. Allows OA to accredit visiting boat drivers under the Australian Power Boat Handling Certificate to receive an exemption from having South Aust or Aust Boat drivers licences. This includes Coaches, Race Officers and Jury members.

The Govt has required a 0.6 Nm strip on the shore side to allow boats North-South access along the coast. The zone stops at 2Nm off the coast because at this point extra safety equipment is required to be carried by all power boats.


South Australian Marine Safety regulations to boat drivers